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Toasted vases (set no. 1)

Toasted vases (set no. 1)

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This set of three toasted stoneware vases is thrown on a potter's wheel with a stoneware clay. The gradient was sprayed on with a wild clay paint from natural color pigments. They are approximately 1. H: 15 cm and Ø: 4 cm. 2. H: 11 cm and Ø: 4 cm. 3. H: 9 cm and Ø: 3 cm.The vases are fired at 1230°C and finished with a food-safe and lead-free glaze on the interior, the exterior is raw.

As a handmade item, each vase is one-of-a-kind and may feature slight variations in shape, size, and glaze, showcasing the marks of the handcrafted process. To ensure your vase stays beautiful for years to come, please check out our Productcare section for more information on how to best care for your handmade ceramics. Please wash by hand. 

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